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On European level, the demand for finished wood materials and the need for raw materials is increasing thanks to economic development over the last years. New generation high technology mills are more powerful, effective, optimised and productive than ever before, the needs of constant supplies for the industry is becoming larger every year.

Thanks to close relationship with foresters, market knowledge and logistical experience, Forest Service France is able to guarantee a continuous and sustainable supply engagement. With our partners, from forest to mills, we are building  bridges together to enhance, secure and optimise raw material supplies from forests more than 500 km away

Environmental friendly

In order to agree with the climate target of the Paris Agreement, it is inevitable that the upcoming review will aim at tougher policies and taxes. As a result, the impact on the oil and gas sector will intensify.

Forest Service France believes in the greener world of tomorrow and feels that we need to  bring our help to meet this agreements on our level. Forest Service France chooses only to work with EUR6 trucks in our fleet to have less impact on local CO2 footprint. Forest Service France works only with foresters who signed a sustainability agreement with us. This can be PEFC, FSC or French regulated PSG (Plan Simple de Gestion) to guarantee that the logs are coming from legal harvest and woods.


Forest Service France is the bridge between Forests and Mills. Our Dutch background history provides our experience in complex supply chain solutions.

With our team of specialised logistic engineers and forestry experts, we are able to provide the best way from France to any destination in Europe on best cost effective basis and in environmental friendly way. Every year we are sending  trains with our partners in the railway area towards Europe. Our local teams will provide  you all necessary security concerning your KPI’s. , we own our logistics to our log yard stations.

Adding value

Are you a forest cooperation, harvesting company, logger  or private forest owner, Forest Service France is your partner.

We believe in long term partnership and we want to be a value added service partner. As forest experts, our philosophy is to believe in a better and fair share of financial results over the industry for each actor. Our international business experience and our relationships with the European mills provide destinations to the biggest and most powerful European transformation units. As your partner, we are able to optimise all forest products and to choose the best industrial partner and matching logistics to have the best result possible. As we contract only long term supply contracts, we engage ourselves to secure volume output and provide fixed prices. Your invoices will be paid in 30 days maximum.


The total yearly raw material volume of our industrial partners exceed 10M cubic meter per year. Forest service France aims to secure between 2% and 25% of their needs. On this basis, we are able to provide yearly conditions and supply contracts. With our own logistical fleet and our contractors, we manage in time deliveries and we aim  the evacuation of fresh chopped logs within 4 weeks.


We believe in European production and started our structure on this basis. We aim to safe, to secure, to enhance and create local economy with new jobs. We aim as well in a logic way of distribution and manufacturing processes. Our commercial development and our commercial partners are based in Europe for European transformation. For overseas demands, we only propose sawn wood or transformed products.


There are plenty of reasons to choose for Forest Service France: